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      Trafford started and gazed at the man fiercely.Is there any woman in the world so brave as you are, Esmeralda? he exclaimed. And you, a slip of a girlI beg your pardon, dearmanaged to get away from a ruffian like that, with a woman to help him! But that was hours ago. Why did you not ride straight to the camp?

      And he returns the compliment tenfold, remarked Norman. You are to have your portrait painted by Millaisbut perhaps I ought to have left Trafford to tell you that.If I ever doubted myself, I doubt no longer. I know, now that I am in danger of losing you, that I love you.

      Throughout that land of water and sky the willow clumps dotting the bosom of every sea-marsh and fringing every rush-rimmed lake were yellow and green in the full flush of a new year, the war year, 'Sixty-one.

      Boys, said Varley in a low voice, we shall go to Dogs Ear and demand Esmeralda. Let no man speak but me; let no man fire a shot or strike a blow unless I give the word.

      It is a pity you didnt kill me outright, Mr. Howard, he said, bitterly. It would have been more merciful.


      Boys, Ive bad news. Theyve taken Esmeralda.


      The five talked of the wedding. Just to think! 'Twas barely a month ago, they said.


      Really! My dear child, I am delighted!They drove on and presently came to the lake. It was a large piece of water surrounded by firs. A flock of ducks rose as they approached, and a heron sailed away above their heads. The place was weird-looking for all its prettiness, and Esmeralda gazed at it in silence, and with a creepy feeling.